Tibet-perched on the roof of the world, nestled between Nepal China, rises nearly five kilometers above sea level. The Buddhist kingdom locked away in its Mountain vastness of the Himalayas is a unique destination. The very name evokes feelings of awe and mystery. It is a land of an Ancient Buddhist Culture, Awesome Landscapes, Artistic Monasteries, Exotic Cities, Hidden Valleys and Centuries-Old Caravan trails.Since the 8th century, Tibet has been devotedly Buddhist, merging influences from Indian Buddhism, Tantra and the indigenous religion called Bon into a complex synthesis of beliefs. Tibetan Buddhism has inspired centuries of splendid art and architecture, serving as the cornerstone of Tibets unique and highly developed culture.


Booking with full passport details including sex and occupation should reach us with full payment at least two weeks prior to the departure date. Seven working days will be required for us to obtain Tibet/China visas. During this time the client should be in Kathmandu. An urgent visa fee will be charged in case of late arrival.


No special inoculations are required but because of Tibets high altitude travellers with a pre-existing period of heart, lungs or anaemia condition should consult a doctor before even thinking about a visit. Most other travellers, once they are acclimatised, rarely suffer more than mild discomfort from the altitude.


China Southwest Airlines operates KTM/LXA/KTM flight twice a week i.e. every Tuesday Saturday


From October to March warm clothes are required to fight the frosty cold and from April to September light clothes to shun the scorching heat. However, a jacket and a sweater is advised throughout the year as the weather may change unexpectedly at any time. The recommended items are: A domestic first aid kit, water purification tablets, a thermos flask (1ltr), toilet and tissue papers, flashlights, sleeping bags, comfortable walking shoes, dust masks, utility knife, sun hat, sun glasses, sun tan lotion and limited number of clothes.

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