Cultural Tours and Wildlife Safari

Nepal is land locked nations, nestle in the laps of the Himalayas, between India and China. People rich culture art as well as distinctive architecture renders it ideal as the most amazing most exotic destinations of the world with Adventure, Cultural, Pilgrimage Wildlife. There are numerous world heritage sites in Kathmandu to explore with the beauty of its natural landscape and traditional architecture, skillfully built temples Emerald Buddha stupas, tranquil pagoda temples, and shrines are a testimony to its rich heritage, there is beautiful lake city of Pokhara for a relaxing holiday and ever popular view points of Nagarkot and Sarangkot to enjoy breathtaking mountain views.


Nepal - Get to know Cultural tours

Trip Duration 12 Day

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Koshitappu Wildlife Safari Tour

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Cultural Heritage and Safari Tour

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Chitwan National Park, previously a hunting ground, was established in…

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tour

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Bardia National park Safari Tour

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