Our Team

  • Binod Kumar Acharya

    Managing Director and Founder

    Was born in 1985, in the bosom of the Kanchenjunga region of eastern Nepal. After passing school leaving,he went to Kathmandu for the further studies. Along with his study, Binod started to work in tourism as a Basice label and continued working as a guide and tour leader for different groups from various countries. He has guided more than a hundred groups in to the tours - trekking Mustang region, Dolpa, Dhaulagiri, Kanchenjung, Manaslu, Langtang, Annapurna, Everest and the diverse destinations from east to west and it extended to Tibet. He has visited European countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France and understood their language, religion, culture, interests on travel and other aspects. Binod speaks English and German beyond his mother tongue Nepali. Understanding the traveller’s choices, Binod is committed to offer the holiday packages. He thanks all who have used PHA company’s services and are planning to travel with us. C : + 977 - 9851172353 (Binod) WhatsApp 24 Hours  

  • Krishna PD Nepal

    Tour / Trekking Guide German/ English

  • Anil Pokharel

    Tour / Trekking Guide German/ English

  • Parkash Mishra

    Trekking Guide German/ English

  • Sagar Xetri

    Trekking Guide German/ English

  • Tikaram Thapa (Soraj)

    Trekking Guide German/ English

  • Ram Kaji Tiwari

    Climbing / Trekking Guide

  • Tharendra Mishra

    Trekking Guide English

  • Indra Giri

    Trekking Cook

  • Ram Bahadur Gurung

    Climbing Guide