Bhutan Tour - Trekking

Bhutan is the country of a stunning and wide variety of flora and fauna, amazing architecture, ancient traditions, impressive monasteries, a deeply revered king, remarkably friendly people and unique colourful culture. Here Buddhism is a natural way of life and the whole country breathes peace, tranquility, enchantment, joy and age-old wisdom. Its also the country having introduced Gross National Happiness to the world as an alternative for the economical Gross National Product, thereby inspiring many other countries to look at happiness and development in a different, richer way.Technology and natural curiosity have brought a lot of what Bhutan is about to the forefront, but there is so much more for the country to share and for the rest of the world to learn about the Jewel of the Himalayas.


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Trip Duration 14 Days

Bhutan Cultural Tour-Trekking

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